NAFLIC has represented ride inspectors and provided technical assistance to the amusement park and fairground industries for over 25 years.

In 1997 NAFLIC members did much of the work for the first HSG175 and following the publication of the Roberts Report on Fairground Safety, commissioned by the HSC in 2001, NAFLIC set up the ADIPS DOC bureau to manage the system for issuing Declarations of Operational Compliance (DOCs) as issued by Registered Inspection Bodies.

In 2003, ADIPS Ltd was incorporated and, with permanent staff, took over the day to day administration of the scheme on behalf of the Amusement Device Safety Council (ADSC).

Industry Involvement

NAFLIC members are directors of ADIPS Ltd and the association is represented on ADSC, FJAC, the Registration Panel and at the ADIPS Business Meeting by its members.

The organisation continues to provide technical support to the industry and carries out much of the preparation work required for new codes and guidance documents.

At an international level, NAFLIC represents the UK’s interests and plays a leading role in the revision of BS EN 13814:2019 Fairground and Amusement Park machinery and structures: Safety, and the preparation of an ISO (the International Organisation for Standardisation).


NAFLIC is administered by its Management Council which meets periodically throughout the year to decide on NAFLIC’s response to industry issues.

Its members serve for three years and are elected at the association’s AGM, with each member organisation having a vote.