Ride inspections during COVID-19 pandemic

 28th. April 2020

To all UK amusement device controllers,

The current situation within the UK and around the world is unprecedented; it poses many unique challenges to all industries including the amusement industry.

One of the many issues that face amusement operators at this time is that of annual inspection. There are concerns that if operators do not keep their inspection dates that this could cause a period of high demand when the industry is able to operate again. This spike in demand could foreseeably affect the ability of inspection bodies to deliver a timely and efficient service to all their clients.

The HSE have made it clear that so long as social distancing guidelines can be followed, inspections can continue. NAFLIC wants to assure all operators that our inspectors are ready and willing to help. While the ADSC effort to obtain alterations to the ADIPS scheme has not been successful this does not mean that inspection bodies are unable to help operators on a case-by-case basis.

There are inspection bodies that are running individual schemes to help operators where they can and as an operator there may be many options that your inspection body can provide you with.

NAFLIC believe that the key to avoiding a backlog of inspections is good, early communication with your Inspection Body. Operators have to discuss what they believe is the best option for them and ask their inspection bodies what they can do to help.

Together the amusement industry will work through these challenging times. The answer to our problems may not lay in sweeping legislative changes but in the individual decisions each operator and inspector makes that add up to the change we need. By working together and communicating clearly and in advance, both inspectors and operators will find solutions.

Yours faithfully,

Daniel Cox



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