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A Message From Our Chairman

Our association has been established for over 35 years and is recognised as the premier trade association in the UK for inspection bodies (IBs) and other relevant individuals and companies working in the amusement ride industry. NAFLIC exists to represent the interests of IBs who follow reputable inspection schemes within the UK which themselves follow the standards and requirements set out in HSG 175, and to support IBs in various ways and with a number of benefits. Additionally, the organisation provides technical advice and support to the industry overall.

We work closely with many other trade associations, the HSE and other relevant bodies to promote safety within the industry and help develop technical guidance where required. Internationally, NAFLIC represents the UK’s interests and continues to play a significant role in the development, compilation and revision of BS EN standards.

The combined technical experience within NAFLIC is second to none and our members uphold the highest standards in the field of ride inspection. Between them they cover all required disciplines and help to ensure that the impressive safety record of the industry in the UK is maintained. NAFLIC members also often work on overseas projects, clearly demonstrating the respect and credibility afforded to UK IBs by ride operators and owners worldwide.

As NAFLIC continues to develop, we anticipate the introduction of new member benefits and services to ensure we stay ahead of industry demands. These will include the provision of educational courses on technical and scheme compliance subjects, along with other activities and initiatives we feel would bring additional value to NAFLIC membership.

I urge you to take this opportunity to look through our website to learn more about the organisation and please feel free to contact us for any further information using the details on the Contact page.


Dave Inman, Chairman

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NAFLIC has represented ride inspectors and provided technical assistance to the amusement park and fairground industries for over 30 years.

In 1997 NAFLIC members did much of the work for the first HSG175 and following the publication of the Roberts Report on Fairground Safety, commissioned by the HSC in 2001, NAFLIC set up the ADIPS DOC bureau to manage the system for issuing Declarations of Operational Compliance (DOCs) as issued by Registered Inspection Bodies, many of whom make up the NAFLIC membership.

In 2003, ADIPS Ltd. was incorporated and, with permanent staff, took over the day to day administration of the scheme on behalf of the Amusement Device Safety Council (ADSC).

Industry Involvement

NAFLIC is run on a voluntary basis by its members through a Management Council made up of elected officers. Additionally, the association operates a Standards Committee which works on specific technical related items. The organisation provides technical support to the industry and carries out much of the preparation work required for new codes and guidance documents.

At an international level, NAFLIC represents the UK’s interests and plays a leading role in the revision of BS EN 13814:2019 Fairground and Amusement Park machinery and structures: Safety, and the preparation of an ISO (the International Organisation for Standardisation).

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NAFLIC is administered by its Management Council which meets periodically throughout the year to consider industry issues, approve technical and incident bulletins, assist members and more. The Management Council is made up of a minimum of 11 volunteer members, including the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Treasurer. Its members serve for three years and are elected at the association’s AGM, with each member organisation having a vote.

Standards Committee

NAFLIC’s Standards Committee is made up of a group of volunteer members who join the committee for the expertise they bring to the table. It meets periodically to consider safety and technical bulletins, guidance documents, British and international standards and other relevant matters. The documents produced by the Standards Committee identify issues within the industry, largely pertaining to amusement rides and any areas of concern on all types of device. They aim to give details of any areas of failure or those that need special consideration. Technical bulletins are posted on this website, as are incident bulletins.

Becoming an inspector

If you are sincere in your wish to become an inspector, NAFLIC will assist in any way it can. However, the organisation is dedicated to ensuring a high standard of competence in its inspectors and with that in mind applicants should carefully read the ADIPS Requirements for Registration of Inspection Bodies. All applicants for registration will be considered by the ADIPS Registration Panel, who will probably want to interview applicants. Before completing your application, if you would like to discuss any aspect of the registration process then please contact NAFLIC.

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Management Council Members

David Inman


Raecher Hiscoe


Adam Jenkins


Andrew Mellor


Daniel Cox

Craig Kirkman

Bob Nicholls

Steve Parker

David Shelmerdine

Charlie Bowers

Alex Nicholls

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